Day 3 – Carlos

He is quiet and gentle, has a beautiful smile and speaks eloquently. He is a New Generation Latino, and he is a member of the Episcopal Church. The business world is after him wanting to sell him their products because his generation of Latinos is growing at a rapid pace. He is educated and has money. 

His name is Carlos de la Torre, born in Peru but raised in New York. He is a graduate of Manhattanville College and is 25 years old.  Carlos is part of the 14-34 year-old Latino population in the United States, who number 30 million. 

This fall this tall, slender young man in his dark rimmed glasses and plaid preppy shirt will enter the Virginia Theological Seminary and will be on track for ordination. He is eager to work in the Episcopal Church to help define clearly its mission of reconciliation and restoration while helping it to keep an open mind as to how it manifests itself and the divine mission.

I see Carlos as the new face of the Episcopal Church. He is part of its great future in this country. The church is striving for diversity as it grasps to create an international character. Carlos reflects that; Carlos is that. He brings so many gifts to the church in this great era of multiculturalism. I have great hopes in this young man, this reflection of God.

He has promise and he has vision. He is educated, kind, courteous, young, and filled with the grace of God. He will flourish at VTS and he will help bridge the cultures, the ages. He will bring forth the bonding that needs to occur if we as a church are to grow into a bright future, a future that this young man envisions and that I dream of. He is the face of the Episcopal Church.  Let us walk with him and mentor him on that path that God has set forth for him.

Enedina Vasquez


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