Day 2- Another Pentecost?

Day 2 – “Where there is no wise guidance, the nation falls, but in the multitude of counselors there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14

Today as I walked into the General Convention exhibits area of the Indianapolis Convention Center, I found it packed with people at work in their respective booths. Signs everywhere led all who entered to the correct place, to the answers to their questions, and it was clear that it was their job to get you excited about all that the Episcopal Church is and how it works.

As I walked around, I felt that perhaps this excitement and dedication was akin to that first Pentecost.  Through the Episcopal Church, God is performing miracles.

Each booth was manned by people with common goals: to spread God’s word and bring us all to God, and to do that through education, technology, cultural diversity, art, music and (yes!) even through whimsical t-shirts emblazoned with Robin Williams’ “Ten reasons why I am Episcopalian.”

In these booths and throughout the many and varied meetings I’ll attend during this Convention in Indianapolis, today’s apostles are working to bring people to Christ. They are doing this via an Episcopal Church that is in constant evolution in its path to create disciples of all who are lost, misguided, curious, and willing to walk the path that Jesus has laid out for us.  They are talking, guiding and helping us all to find all means of outreach. Is that not what Jesus has asked us to do?

– Enedina Vasquez

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