Day 1 – Hospitality

Day 1 –

In my life dictionary of important words the word “hospitality (hospitalidad) means that I should respect everyone at all times. It means that I should shake hands, say hello, and ask the very important question, “Hola! Bienvenido! Como ha estado?”

Yesterday on my way to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, as I rushed to catch a connecting flight out of Atlanta to Indianapolis, my heart was racing. I worried about being on time and finding my gate. Then I heard from out of the crowd, “Enedina, Enedina!”

I stopped; the whole world stopped. It was my friend Margarita, whom I had met once in Los Angeles at a meeting at the Cathedral Center of the Diocese of Los Angeles. As I reflect on that moment, I believe that is what the Episcopal Church is: a welcoming cry out to you saying, “Welcome beloved friend.” It says, “Join me on the journey to spread God’s love, word, and mystery.”

I am welcomed every day by the Episcopal Church; I am loved, and I am with others on the path that Jesus laid out for us.

–  Enedina Vasquez

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