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Bishop’s Video Report

Bishop Lillibridge has created a video with his full report on the 77th General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Lillibridge addresses the significant resolutions passed, particularly Resolution C095, which calls for the formation of a task force to reimagine the workings of The Episcopal Church, and Resolution A049, which authorizes the liturgical resources for blessing same-sex relationships.

Click here to view the video. The script of the video for reading/printing is also available with the video.

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  • Update, July 18, 2012: We have placed all the comments made on the various posts of this blog on a separate page for reader accessibility. To view the comments, please click here. However, those comments that contained derogatory remarks and/or name calling were not included.

Throughout the time spent reporting from the 77th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, comments were enabled on this blog pending the approval of the diocesan communications team. We expected to answer questions and receive feedback on our reports; we also expected to read personal comments on the issues presented.

We are grateful for the many positive remarks we have received toward the good work of the diocese or the actions of General Convention, and we fully respect those comments that relayed disappointment in the resolutions passed, particularly Resolution A049 which authorized liturgical blessings for same-sex unions.

It is clear how divisive the issues surrounding human sexuality can be here at home and in the broader Church. As comments on the passing of Resolution A049 came in, those that contained harsh language and/or addressed another reader with negative remarks were not approved. At the publication of this post, all comments on this blog have been removed.

The future of this diocese with regard to A049 is being prayerfully considered, as Bishop Lillibridge has put together a focus group to help discern how to faithfully move forward. Lillibridge has said that no matter the outcome of the actions of General Convention, the fabric of our diocese will remain intact and strong. There is clear understanding of both sides of the issue and a commitment to proceed with pastoral response for all involved.

Thank you for your participation during General Convention. We will keep you informed as the many decisions from Convention bear fruit here at home. Please stay tuned for a video recap from Bishop Lillibridge, to be posted next week.

The Department of Communications
Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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Convention Wrap Up

[Episcopal News Service – Indianapolis] General Convention has called on the Episcopal Church to re-imagine its structure, taken historic steps towards full inclusion, endorsed positive investment in the Palestinian Territories, and reaffirmed its commitment to building Anglican Communion relationships while saying it is unable to adopt the Anglican Covenant.

Based on the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission, the budget for the Episcopal Church in the 2013-2015 triennium was adopted unanimously by the 77th General Convention July 11.

For a full General Convention wrap up, please click here to keep reading.

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Denominational Health and Lay Pension Plans Pass

Both the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops finalized the passing of Resolutions B026, Implementation of the Denominational Health Plan, and C042, Extend Implementation Period for Lay Employee Pension Plan (LEPP), on Wednesday, July 11.

Resolution B026 commends the 94 percent of domestic dioceses that have already enrolled in the Denominational Health Plan and confirms that the remainder of dioceses, parishes, missions, and other ecclesiastical organizations or bodies be enrolled in the Episcopal Church Medical Trust no later than January 1, 2013. The resolution also extended the timetable for dioceses, etc. to achieve parity between clergy and lay employees to no later than December 31, 2015. Additionally, with an amendment that came in the House of Bishops, the Church Pension Fund has until December 31, 2015, to arrive at a more equitable sharing of health premium costs for all entities within The Episcopal Church.

Resolution C042 reaffirms the actions of General Convention 2009 and states that all employees serving at domestic schools under the authority of the Church, serving children of any age, who work 1,000 hours per year must be a part of the Lay Employee Pension Plan of the Church Pension Fund or TIAA-CREF plan. C042, however, extends the timetable for contributions. Schools have up to January 2018 to be in full compliance with the resolution of a 5% employer contribution and up to a 4% match.

Both resolutions can be found on the General Convention website.

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A Letter from the DWTX Deputation to the Diocese

July 11, 2012

Dear People of West Texas,

Grace to you and Peace.  We, the General Convention deputation from the Diocese of West Texas, thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us, for our bishops, and for The Episcopal Church, during the time of this Convention.  The prayers of our diocesan family strengthen us for the service to which you have called us, and we are grateful.

The House of Deputies followed the path taken on June 10 by of the House of Bishops, and authorized the provisional use of liturgies for blessing same-sex relationships.  The resolution allows diocesan bishops wide pastoral latitude for authorizing the use, or prohibition of use, of these liturgies.  The full text of the resolution may be found at:

As you might imagine, the Bishops and Deputies of General Convention were not of one mind on this question.  We also are very aware that the good people of West Texas, including our deputation, are not of one mind on the authorization of these liturgies.  We know that some members of our congregations will be saddened by the actions of this General Convention, believing that this action is a significant change from historic Christian practice. Read more…

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Structure Resolution Passes Unanimously

The House of Bishops concurred with the House of Deputies on Resolution C095 on Wednesday, July 11. Resolution C095 calls for the formation of a task force to reimagine the workings of The Episcopal Church and report to the next General Convention in 2015.  The resolution passed unanimously in both houses, which the House of Deputies noted with applause.

Bishop Suffragan David Reed serves on General Convention’s Committee on Structure, which brought the resolution forward. The committee formed a subcommittee July 6 to draft the resolution to substitute for a plethora of existing ones calling for structural change in The Episcopal Church, according to the Episcopal News Service. As part of the subcommittee, Reed was directly involved in the writing of Resolution C095.  Read more…

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View the DWTX photos from General Convention 2012 on Flickr.

Right: Deputy Don Lee with his bow tie in honor of Gregory Straube Day (Executive Officer and Secretary of the General Convention, who wears an interesting and colorful coat and bow tie everyday).

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