Bishops’ Audio Reports

The Rt. Rev. Gary Lillibridge

The Rt. Rev. David Reed

Bishop Lillibridge and/or Bishop Reed will provide a daily audio report from the General Convention of The Episcopal Church, which will gather July 5-12 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check back during these dates to listen to our bishops.

Thursday, July 5, Bishop Lillibridge.  Listen here.

Friday, July 6, Bishop Lillibridge.  Listen here.

Saturday, July 7. Tonight we hear from four first-time deputies from the Diocese of West Texas about their impressions of General Convention. Below, click on the icons to hear Carrrie Guerra, the Rev. Lisa Mason, the Rev. Matt Wise, and the Rev. Stockton Williams.

     Carrie  Guerra

     The Rev. Lisa Mason

     The Rev. Matt Wise

     The Rev. Stockton Williams

Sunday, July 8, Bishop Lillibridge. Listen here.

Monday, July 9, Bishop Lillibridge. Listen here.

Tuesday, July 10, Bishop Lillibridge, Listen here.

Wednesday, July 11, Bishops Lillibridge and Reed, Listen here.

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