Following resolutions

To follow General Convention 2012 resolutions

Resolutions to General Convention begin their lives with one of four sources: committees, commissions, agencies and boards of Convention (A resolutions); bishops (B resolutions); dioceses and provinces (C resolutions); and deputies (D resolutions). 

They are sent to one of 23 legislative committees which consider, amalgamate and perfect them before presenting them on the floor of Convention.

The work of the committees – which usually happens in the early morning and evenings during Convention — includes holding hearings at which bishops, deputies, alternate deputies, and registered visitors can speak. Before sending a resolution on to the floor of Convention, a committee can take one of several actions: recommend acceptance as is, asked to be discharged from considering it, amend it, combine like resolutions, or recommend non-acceptance. Each resolution is sent to one of the two Houses (Bishops or Deputies) which can then amend it before sending it on or pass it and send it to the other house. Every resolution must pass both houses in the exact same language.

Non-controversial resolutions are put on the “daily consent calendar” and voted upon en masse. Resolutions that are not addressed before adjournment of Convention, this year July 12, die.

Follow the status of resolutions online here

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