Election of HOD president

Although she is eligible to do so, the current president of the House of Deputies (HOD) has indicated she will not stand for election for another term. In a May 23 announcement letter to General Convention’s deputies and first alternates, HOD President Bonnie Anderson said she will not seek office again and plans to spend more time with her family.

“I have been honored beyond measure to lead this house, and gratified to observe the many ways in which deputies and alternates serve and lead God’s Church, both when General Convention is in session and when it is not,” she said in her letter. “Your voices resonate not only within the great representative diversity of General Convention, but also in our communities and in commissions during the triennium, in vestries, and in the leadership roles you hold in our congregations, dioceses and provinces.” (Click here for the full letter.)

The president of the House of Deputies is elected every three years to serve throughout the triennium. Anderson was vice president of the House of Deputies and a lay deputy from the Diocese of Michigan when she was elected at the 2006 General Convention. She was re-elected at the 2009 General Convention.

On July 9, nominations from the floor for the office of President of the House of Deputies will be presented, with the election planned for July 10. That same day, nominations will be made for the office of vice-president, with that election to be held July 11. The Vice President must be of a different order than the president-elect – if the president-elect is a clergyperson, the vice-president must be a lay person, and vice versa.

In addition, since the office of vice president of the House of Deputies is currently vacant (The Rev. Brian Prior, who was serving as vice president, has been elected bishop of the Diocese of Minnesota), at the organizing session of the House of Deputies on July 5, the House will elect a vice president to serve at this Convention. Deputy Scott Kirby, Diocese of Eau Claire, has agreed to be nominated to serve. Other persons may also be nominated from the floor. If Deputy Kirby is elected, he has indicated that he will not stand for election for any office for the next triennium.

The newly-elected president  and vice president  take office at the adjournment of the 77th Convention.



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