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A Letter from the DWTX Deputation to the Diocese

July 11, 2012

Dear People of West Texas,

Grace to you and Peace.  We, the General Convention deputation from the Diocese of West Texas, thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us, for our bishops, and for The Episcopal Church, during the time of this Convention.  The prayers of our diocesan family strengthen us for the service to which you have called us, and we are grateful.

The House of Deputies followed the path taken on June 10 by of the House of Bishops, and authorized the provisional use of liturgies for blessing same-sex relationships.  The resolution allows diocesan bishops wide pastoral latitude for authorizing the use, or prohibition of use, of these liturgies.  The full text of the resolution may be found at:  http://www.generalconvention.org/resolutions/download/115-1341925774.

As you might imagine, the Bishops and Deputies of General Convention were not of one mind on this question.  We also are very aware that the good people of West Texas, including our deputation, are not of one mind on the authorization of these liturgies.  We know that some members of our congregations will be saddened by the actions of this General Convention, believing that this action is a significant change from historic Christian practice.

We also know that at the very same time, some members of our congregations will be grateful for the actions of this Convention.    Some see in this action a step forward in opening wide the doors of this Church to recognize the faithfulness of the relationships of partnered gay and lesbian people.

We believe that the love we share as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus is greater than the faithful differences we hold regarding same-sex relationships.  Bishop Lillibridge has convened 50 leaders from within our diocese to work with him to discern the next steps forward in West Texas. Their next meeting will be held in August.

Many good things have happened at this General Convention.  We have seen a renewed energy to take mission seriously, and a desire on all sides of the Church to change how we do business as a Church by a serious review of the structures of the Church.  We have also witnessed much more chairty among people who differ in their interpretations of Holy Scripture.

As we have spent time at General Convention, we are even more aware of how blessed we are in the Diocese of West Texas.  We are a strong Christian community.  We are blessed by the faithful leadership of our bishops.  We have a clear mission.  As our diocese continues to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for our life together, we invite your prayers.  And we pray that we might listen to one another with the ears of our hearts.


The DWTX Deputation:

The Rev. David G. Read, Drew Cauthorn, The Rev. Paul Frey, Susan Hardaway, The Rev. Lisa Mason, Kelley Kimble, The Rev. Don Lee, Elizabeth Cauthorn, The Rev. David Chalk, Carrie Guerra, The Rev. Matt Wise, John Warren, The Rev. Stockton Williams, The Rev. Chuck Woehler

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