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HOB postpone resolution B013

During the morning legislative session on Monday, July 9, the House of Bishops voted to postpone resolution B013. The resolution came to the bishops after passing in the House of Deputies, calling for a canonical change that would allow the presiding bishop to retain his or her diocesan bishop seat while serving the national church.

The majority of the bishops opposed the resolution, stating it is not wise to begin structural change this way, that pulling back on the presiding bishop’s duties would be putting the cart before the horse. Other comments were made with concern that there needs to be a more comprehensive conversation about the structure of the church rather than a quick change to the office of the presiding bishop that would model the way the office was run before 1947. (See article “Deputies say presiding bishop may retain diocesan seat”).

When asked her opinion, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said “The ability to connect the various parts of our Church requires the full attention of the presiding bishop. The amount the presiding bishop can spend in one diocese is very limited. If an acceptable bishop suffragan [was able to assist] it might work, but that depends on the consent of the diocese [from which he or she comes], and that is a challenge.”

The re-structuring of the national church continues to be a lively conversation at this General Convention, one that needs focused attention and action. Bishop Andy Doyle of the Diocese of Texas spoke in favor of resolution B013, stating “We have made decisions over and over, across decades, that result in non-action. The notion that we have changed and can redeem ourselves is not true – we must make changes to the structure of this Church. No one will do this for us, we must stand up.”

After much discussion costing valuable time, the resolution was tabled until an additional resolution from the Committee on Structure comes forth. Bishop Lillibridge says he does not see Resolution B013 passing at this General Convention.

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