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Ellen Martin is Distinguished Woman

Ellen Martin, who for many years served as the head of the diocesan altar guild, was honored at the 2012 Triennial meeting of the Episcopal Church Woman, meeting in Indianapolis at the same time as the General Convention. Martin was selected as the Distinguished Woman from the Diocese of West Texas for her life that reflects her Christian values.

Ellen Martin,center, flanked by Bishop Gary Lillibridge and Deborah Gardiner, president of the Diocese of West Texas Commission for Women’s Ministries.

Martin grew up at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Austin, moving to San Antonio in 1961 where she and husband, Rex, now are members of St. Mark’s Church. She was appointed Diocesan Altar Guild Directress by Bishop James Folts in 2000, serving until January of 2011.

For the past five years, Martin has taught Altar Linen Construction and Embroidery at the Altar Guild Workshop held each year at Camp Allen in the Diocese of Texas.

In her retirement, she continues to do stitching for a group formed as the Dorcas Stitchers that mends, makes baptismal towels, and embroiders Christmas stoles. She is called frequently for advice for altar guild functions.

Martin says that when she was a dorm resident at Texas Christian University, the dean of women frequently reminded the girls about their responsibilities as “fine young Christian women.” “She told us over and over how we should always remember our duty to give back to the community and to honor God with our lives,” said Martin. “This was a creed spoken and expected from my parents, also. It is with these lessons taken to heart that I have tried to live my life.”

Martin was also the Sunday School teacher of one Gary Lillibridge when he was five years old.



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