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Bowden resolution likely not to pass

A resolution to have Dr. Artemisia Bowden added to the church calendar will likely be referred to a CCAB – one of the church’s committees, commissions, agencies and boards – which means it will probably not come to the floor at this General Convention.

Bowden was among several persons who were nominated by their dioceses to be added to the Calendar of the Church Year which recognizes the lives of certain people who have contributed to the life of the Church in extraordinary ways. She was nominated for inclusion by West Texas in resolution C053.

Woehler addresses hearing.

In Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music Committee hearings earlier this week, West Texas Deputy Chuck Woehler said that Bowden was not only an educator, she was also a spiritual leader who took a fledgling St. Phillip’s School for Girls to junior college status. St. Phillip’s College is now part of the Alamo Community College District in San Antonio. “She dedicated herself to the educational advancement of Black children in San Antonio and was responsible for blessing innumerable people,” said Woehler. “She was truly a holy woman.”Even so, many of those who testified before the committee expressed concern that the number of persons being recommended for the calendar and included in the book Holy Women, Holy Men is becoming overwhelming, hence the committee’s reluctance to approve more at this time. Holy Women, Holy Men is a revision of Lesser Feasts and Fasts and is now in trial use.

Resolution A051 originally called for continuing trial use of Holy Women, Holy Men and presenting a revised edition to the 2015 General Convention for first reading. However, in hearings and committee discussion, several people said that the current revision diluted the liturgical seasons by including so many commemorations; that the qualifications for inclusion were unclear; and that some of the texts needed improvement.

The resolution the committee approved July 5 directs the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to continue revising the book, “paying particular attention to the Guidelines and Procedures for Continuing Alteration of the Calendar in the Episcopal Church” adopted by General Convention in 2006 and giving “renewed attention to the form, the poetry and seasons of liturgical life inherent in the Book of Common Prayer.”

Based in part on a report by Sharon Sheridan for Episcopal News Service


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